Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tyler is 7 months

So considering that Tyler is going to be 8 months in a few days I thought I would post about him turning 7 months.  Can’t believe how much he has changed in the past month.  He is getting into everything and is so curious of everything around him.  He is rolling all over the place and tries to follow Reid around wherever he goes.  He is still not crawling but will push himself onto his knees every once in a while.  He is getting better at sitting and is officially sitting up all by himself.  He will tip over after a little bit but is getting so strong.  He has lost almost all of his baby hair and is officially going to be blond.  All his fuzzy blond hair is growing in and with those blue eyes he couldn’t be any cuter. 

He is still so mellow and he really never complains about anything.  He is really the best baby in the world and is so happy.  He will let you know if he is hungry or tired but will wait patiently while you get things ready for him.  The boys already have such a connection and they are starting to play more together.  Tyler loves to just roll over to where Reid is and watch him play with his toys while occasionally trying to pull them out of Reid’s hands and shove them in this mouth.  He is TEETHING and is drooling everywhere.  Everyone in our house is always covered in drool and I have to change his clothes like 3 times a day. We love our little Tyler bug so much and wouldn’t trade him for anything, drool and all!